Applications: Accurate on-line induction point recognition and feed-back loop activation

Cytoprom process monitoring systems allow accurate induction of expression systems without the need to take samples for off-line analysis, which would increase the risk of contamination. Growth data is always live, so an optimal induction condition will never need to be missed. Figure 1 shows how a continuous growth curve can be used to induce a process at the optimum cell concentration, an OD600 of 0.8 in this example. The system allows out-of- working hours induction, optimising the effective use of fermentation facilities.

Figure 1. With bubble free monitoring, on-line data was used to ensure accurate induction of overexpression systems.

Cytoprom can also provide an analogue output module for its USB spectrometers. The output modules can be added to provide a standard 4-20 mA output signal of spectrometer data, and can be used to present your optical data as a controller input for automated process control. A typical feedback loop is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. A typical feedback control loop that might be used where optical density measurements are used in a feedback control loop.